Friday, January 29, 2016

Short and Sweet


This was a quick flight (two flights in one here since that's how it sits in my logbook).  The plan was for me to fly solo for a couple landings (I needed 0.2 hours solo time) then pick my CFI up and work on stalls & more landings.

The specific plan was to do a soft-field takeoff, then one short field and one soft-field landing solo.  My first landing, which was supposed to be a short-field landing, ended up being a normal landing because I blew my target touchdown point by more than 200 ft.  I taxied back and did a short-field takeoff, then came back in and did a soft-field landing.  I logged 0.5 solo time, nailing down the last requirement once and for all.

It was almost night by the time I picked my CFI up, so we decided to forget stalls and just work on landings.  I did another soft-field takeoff and 2 soft-field landings.  We were both satisfied with my performance and called it a night.

After debrief we scheduled for the following Tuesday with plans to work on brushing up my skills on absolutely everything we could fit in, with my biggest concern being S-turns.  It's finally coming together, and it's looking like I just might get this done before the end of the year after all.

Two Victor Uniform, clear of Two-Seven

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