Friday, June 26, 2015

This Old "Thing"

"No. I, um... I can't go in this. It's, uh... It's broken..."

"No, it's not broken, it's being maintained."
- Six Days, Seven Nights

Got a call from my CFI Monday morning. You guessed it. The plane is still down. Or, well, actually, down again. Seems the new engine was installed, everything was looking good. Then they recalled the engine, something related to the cylinders. DCFS had to pull the engine and ship it back. According to him they were expecting it back at KHNB by this Thursday. 

So, we decided to meet at the airport Tuesday evening anyway and work on prepping for the oral exam portion of my checkride. Yes, it's actually that close. Just have to finish up solo, cross-country, nail down all the flight requirements. 

Well, we both had a pleasant surprise - the new engine was already back, hanging on the hoist, supported by a dolly, with seemingly everything necessary attached. This means it will only be a day or so and 34Q will be flying again. This should be the last major delay from a plane standpoint. 

We spent about 2 hours doing a mock exam & discussing my incorrect answers. There were a few things I admittedly didn't remember, but he explained them well, to the point I'm confident I'll know them when the time comes. All-in-all, from a knowledge standpoint, his general remark was, "You're ready for your checkride." I'd agree about 85-90% with that statement. I'm not doubting myself, but I do know where I need to focus my remaining study time. 

Current plan is to fly Tuesday evening, weather permitting. Absolutely no reason the plane shouldn't be ready by then. Not exactly holding my breath on that one, but I'm giving the benefit of the doubt this time. No sense holding onto any anger or frustration over past delays. 

Two Victor Uniform, clear of Two-Seven.

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